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28 Other such operations change the a semiaxis, for example don t apply to circle variables too (because circle variables aren t ellipse variables; that is, a variable of declared type CIRCLE can t hold a value that s just an ellipse, and changing the a semiaxis of a circle yields a result that s just an ellipse, in general) In other words, update operations associated with type ELLIPSE are not inherited unconditionally by type CIRCLE Moreover, there are some update operations associated with type CIRCLE change the radius, for example that don t apply to type ELLIPSE Thus, the set of update operations that apply to circle variables is neither a subset nor a superset of the set of such operations that apply to ellipse variables Let E be a variable of declared type ELLIPSE.

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Locking of data elements, where applicable Definition of transactional boundaries to facilitate commit and rollback

Then updating E in such a way that a = b after the update means the most specific type of the current value of E is now CIRCLE Likewise, updating E in such a way that a > b after the update means the most specific type of the current value of E is now just ELLIPSE For further explanation and discussion of such matters, with many worked examples, please refer to The Third Manifesto..

Internet. Depending on the size and quality of the drum, anywhere from 4 to 12 bolts hold down the hoop on each side. Bass or kick drums have the most bolts, because they re the largest drums in the kit. For the sake of simplicity, this example uses six bolts, properly known as tension rods, on each drum. In real life, these bolts pass through holes in the metal hoops; the other end goes into a lug that s fixed to the outside of the drum shell. The first bolt can be modeled using a small cylinder with cap ends, using the same metal material you set for the hoops (see Figure 6-29).

In LCDS, the data management module takes care of these complicated scenarios, but in most other cases you need to take care of this yourself.

28. By the terms ellipse variable and circle variable, I mean a variable of declared type ELLIPSE and one of declared type CIRCLE, respectively. Note too that, in our model, a variable of (for example) declared type ELLIPSE contains ELLIPSE values, not object IDs that somehow point to ellipses. Our model has no notion of object IDs, nor indeed of objects per se.

You have seen the basics of remoting to simple Java classes, which a few years back were given the interesting name of Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs). Now let s look at a couple of advanced use cases.

what the verb to model (much used in nonrelational database writings) means. 26 is an investigation into the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the associated Object Constraint Language (OCL). 27 is a tutorial and critical analysis of the proposals of the Object Data Management Group (ODMG). Finally, 28 is an investigation into proposals for dealing with temporal data that are based on TSQL2 or variants thereof.

Figure 6-29. A drum tension rod can be modeled using a cylinder with cap ends. To create the lug for the tension rod to fit into, make a cube by choosing Add Mesh Cube. It s large by default, so resize the cube by pressing S (for scale) and dragging the dashed handle toward the center of the object. Right-click the new cube if it isn t already selected, and then switch to Edit mode with the Tab key. You can now manipulate the vertices of the cube until it becomes the shape you want (see Figure 6-30). Real drum lugs are roughly equal size in the X and Y dimensions but taller in the Z dimension. They vary in shape but are usually thinner at one end than the other. Again, refer to a picture on the Internet if you aren t sure what shape to go for.

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